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High Country, Victoria


Iconic High Country huts paired with iconic High Country tracks. This is all about iconography, of pairing red-letter offroad drives with the huts that look over each of them like sentinels. Of course, on many occasions these huts also have adjacent campgrounds to post up for the night. 1. CLEAR...

The Kimberley, Travel


It’s barely visible these days, but the legendary Carson River Track is still one of the most treacherous and triumphant in Australia. Even if you manage to drive just one section of it. Words: Sarah Ryder Photos: Sarah Ryder & Carlisle Rogers   Having spent a year 4WDing and working...

Cape York, Outback Australia, Travel


Sean Scott’s on a mission. And it’s taking him down every gravel rabbit hole, forestry path and overgrown farming track.
He’s spent so much of the last five years wandering the bush in his trusty Toyota that his brain has become a topographical map. It sees rivers, it sees scarps, it sees swamps, it sees headlands. And it locates the best of it all like a homing missile.

Outback Australia, Travel


FROM AUSTRALIA, WITH LOVE. (#87, Australia Issue, October 2019) Let’s kick things off by saying that there were two Brisbane Valleys. The famous one being the inner-city vice district, not far from my school, and once full of hookers and druggos. The other Brisbane Valley was much less notorious, and...