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Southwest, Western Australia


TRACING THE PIRATE MAPS OF CAPE ARID. Photos: Sean Scott In Cape Arid, you’re always caught between land and sea and the thin ribbon of sanity that lies between. You become part man, part amphibian, part something else. Which makes it the perfect hideaway for a 4WDer, or a pirate....

Capricorn Coast, Queensland, Travel, Tropical


FREE WHEELIN’ THROUGH THE QUEENSLAND TROPICS Pics: Sean Scott, Pat Williams and various It’s important to have goals when eating up the highway miles. It’s also important to never make false finish lines. Say you’re heading up to North Queensland from Sydney, you’re going to be spending days on the...

Tips & Tech, Trackside Mechanic


THE BENEFITS OF MANUAL LOCKING HUBS By Adam Adler On last year’s inaugural 4WD Touring Kimberley Tagalong Tour I was lucky enough to meet a heap of awesome people. With time up our sleeve we got chatting about a number of things. I got talking to Wolf after the trip....