Adam’s 200 Series features a REDARC 150W monochrystalline panel hardwired in place.

Hi Adam,

Have got a solar panel question for you.

I’m planning to have two Kings fixed 160W solar panels fitted on the roof of my 4WD, and I also have a 200W solar blanket on the windscreen.

Do I need a MPPT controller for each panel, or can I wire all three when connected to one MPPT then into the battery?

Chris Hawthorne 


Hi Chris,

Good question – there are plenty of people that fit multiple panels.

From what I have found, the panels need to be the same to work together efficiently. If you put two different panels together, the smaller less efficient one will reduce the efficiency of the other panel.

In your case, I would fit the two Kings panels to one MPPT regulator and the other panel to a second regulator.

I would also advise you to check that the regulator you fit will work for the battery type you are running and to make sure that the regulator can handle the maximum output of the solar panels you are running.

Hope that helps



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