Electric Warrior – T Rex

Electric Warrior // T Rex

There aren’t many timeless records, collections of music that somehow span clichés, movements and genres. With Electric Warrior, Marc Bolan found a sound that encapsulated bubble gum, warm fuzzy guitars and a playful approach to the music that you can’t fake. And maybe that’s what makes this record so special – it would be impossible to counterfeit. Few artists would be willing to cast aside seriousness, their own self-image, like Bolan was, to create something brand new. Essentially the progenitor to what we know as glam rock, it isn’t what came after it, it is the original, the mold.
I like nothing more than to put on the opening track, ‘Mambo Sun’ as I’m pulling away from the house towards some far away place, crank it up, and sink into those drums, that guitar…

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