Throughout human history, progress, the evolution of thought, has occurred in two ways: creation  and improvement.

The wheels on our vehicles are a combination of both the invention of the wheel and a thousand little improvements over the last five millennia.

Sea to Summit has developed a new take on the water bag, perhaps the first method for storing water that mankind stumbled across, which brings this ancient technology right into the 21st century.

Everything about the Watercell X range feels ‘space age’, from the tough RF-welded 400D Nylon shell (lined with TPU) to the soft-feel plastic of the cap and fittings. 

Designed to store water efficiently, the first thing that struck me when I first filled it up was the internal baffling, which holds it’s shape into a handy rectangle, instead of letting it sag out into a bulbous sphere like most other storage bags.

The cap features an innovative custom flow control and with the included shower attachment, it becomes a lot more than just a canteen.

The adjustable webbing strap wrapped around the bag is easy to adjust to different lengths, and feels well-designed and expensive in your hands.

The custom flow control cap and included shower attachment allow the Watercell to cover a lot of bases.

I reckon my touring setup is going to have a couple 20L bags for the floorboards behind my seats and a 10L bag for hikes and showers for the kids.

It’s a great, flexible way to keep water handy, and while it sits on the shoulders of giants, it is a great leap forward in touring water storage that is perfect for our age.

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