The Queensland Department of Environment and Science has recently installed number plate cameras to capture vehicles entering and exiting the Cooloola Recreation Area, encompassing Teewah Beach, Double Island Point and Rainbow Beach.

From Friday 18 December 2020, vehicle registration details will be checked against the Queensland National Parks Booking Service and any vehicle identified not to have a valid Cooloola Recreation Area vehicle access permit may be issued a Penalty Infringement Notice (PIN) of $200.

In 2018, the income from fees paid for driving and camping from Teewah to Inskip Point totalled $4,182,510, with over 240,000 vehicles (excluding locals) accessing the Recreation Area via the Noosa Ferry.

We wonder, will the increased revenue from these cameras actually end up in park services like toilets in the Teewah Camping Zones? Will the rangers retire now that what appears to be their only responsibility has been outsourced to trail cameras?

Let us know what you think!

For the latest park information monitor park alerts or visit this park’s page on the department’s website. 

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