Peace of mind in your pocket.

Between the luminescent grip shells and vividly coloured carry pouch, there’s no missing the RescueTool.

The Victorinox RescueTool is a sturdy, supremely functional multi tool that’s well suited for everyday carry, yet is equipped with an array of deceptively hardcore functions that might just help you save the day in the event of an emergency.

The team at Victorinox worked hand in hand with professional rescuers when designing the RescueTool, so it’s little wonder this slick device is the preferred sidepiece of first responders including EMTs, paramedics and firies.

One might initially ponder, “I’m no hero first responder, just a bloke who likes to get off the grid and go camping… will I really use a tool like this?”

The answer is simple: absolutely!


The primary blade features a razor-sharp, wavy edge and is designed for single hand operation for left and right handed users.

While the average 4WDer might not make use of some of the RescueTool’s more specific functions like the window breaker, and glass saw on a regular basis, simply knowing that you’ve got the right equipment on hand to potentially save a life if the situation calls for it makes the RescueTool an invaluable bit of kit.

After testing out the RescueTool for approximately two months, I must admit I haven’t yet had call to save anyone from a burning vehicle – but the tool has certainly had plenty of use in more day-to-day applications.

The first thing that stands out about the RescueTool is the luminescent grip shells. Not only do they help it stand out from amongst a cluttered centre console or campsite, they glow in the dark so you’ve really got no excuses for misplacing the thing.

The bright red and fluoro yellow trimmed carry pouch is also hard to miss.

Now, as with any pocketknife, the main blade has tended to get the most use of the tool’s 13 features. As a lefty, I’m happy to report that the main blade features a large ring for single hand opening designed to work equally well in the left hand as the right.

This is a somewhat rare feature, as a lot of other knives on the market instead feature a post fixed to the blade allowing single hand opening with the right hand but not the left.




The wavy blade has a keen edge and although I’ve used it to trim fishing line, hack apart fruit and veg on trackside lunch breaks and even whittle sticks down into tinder-sized shavings one time when out of fire starters, it’s barely dulled at all from when brand new out of the box.

The curved seatbelt-cutting blade has proved surprisingly useful – it’s the ideal tool for cutting through everything from thick, knotted rope, plastic tarpaulin and heavy-duty canvas. It’d absolutely be up to the task of slicing through seatbelt webbing should the need ever arise.

The disc saw is designed for sawing through window or windscreen glass in an emergency situation. Although there’s been no call to use this function as intended as yet, I can report that the saw functions exceptionally for sawing tree branches down to perfect firewood size.

After extensive testing, it can safely be reported that the bottle opener functions flawlessly when tested on an array of refreshing beverages.

The standard and Phillips head screwdrivers, reamer/punch and wire stripper are all well built and lock into place securely.

As with all Victorinox multi tools, the RescueTool is a supremely well-made piece of kit that absolutely deserves a place in the centre console of your fourby or your daypack when out and about.

It admirably holds up to everyday duties at home and around camp, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve got the tools at hand to avert a crisis should the situation arise is worth the purchase price alone.

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