Are you a fan of fresh snags and ice-cold tinnies?

Compact 36L model joins the ZERO fridge freezer lineup.

Yeah us too.

And if you’re a connoisseur of slick design and in the market for a new unit to keep lunch fresh and the tins frosty out on the tracks, you latest offering from ARB will absolutely be worth a look.

ARB’s ZERO fridges have been on the market for while now, with dual and single zone versions of the 44L and big 96L units making for some of the strongest sales in the sector.

Those looking for a more compact fridge will be pleased to hear that ARB have just released a 36L ZERO. The new 36L electric chilly bin is a single zone unit with a traditional style front opening lid.

Each model in the ZERO range features an LED display plus an internal LED to facilitate midnight munchies.

Front and rear 12V inlets allow for versatile setups plus extra convenience when pre-chilling at home or connecting to mains power at a caravan park.

The fridges also feature a 240V inlet at the front as well as a handy USB outlet to charge your devices.

Anti-condensation tech keeps lunch dry and at the correct temperature.

The ZERO fridges are seriously user friendly – with simple wireless control possible via a downloaded app on your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled device.

All models are equipped with anti-condensation tech that keeps your contents dry and at the temperature you need. They’ve even got a boost function for rapid cool down!

RRP for the 36L ZERO fridge freezer is $1,149 (east coast Australia metro)

Check ‘em out HERE

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