TJM have got your back!

The digital revolution is well and truly under way, and 2020 has certainly proven that we’re all capable of adjusting to change, and that those most adaptable will thrive.

TJM 4X4 Equipped has taken the next step towards digital adaptation with the launch of ‘Add to Cart’ functionality on its website.

In the process they’ve made things a whole lot easier for their customers – particularly those gearheads who can’t keep their eyes away from the online catalogue of aftermarket goodies!

‘Add to Cart’ allows customers to purchase a broad and well-curated selection of products from 18 of Australia’s best outdoor brands and have them shipped directly to their doorstep.

No contact. No fuss. No worries!

If visiting crowded stores is still not high on your to-do list, after the year we’ve had, then this latest step from TJM just might be your ticket to getting your rig bush-ready and escaping somewhere crowd-free.

“We’ve made it our dedicated mission to give customers convenience and a multi-channel approach to purchasing 4×4, camping and touring equipment,” explained Aeroklas Australia’s Matt Logan.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed our business to accelerate our online innovation cycle and our website activity during 2020 has justified this decision.”

The new ‘Add to Cart’ function is particularly useful paired with TJM’s ‘Request a Quote’ feature, which allows vehicle owners to research and match larger items and book fitment at local outlets.

TJM’s website has seen a 55% uptick over the last six months, when compared to the previous period, which is a pretty clear indication that Aussie 4WDers are getting back on the tracks in record numbers.

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