It’s no newsflash that 4WDers are carting about more electronic gadgets and than ever.

Sure, fridges, camp lighting, water pumps, inverters and chargers can all make our lives easier when touring remotely. But at what cost?

Simply staying on top of what’s going on with every part of a complicated 12V system causes plenty of headaches. And that’s before disaster strikes.

If any component of your 12V system fails while travelling remotely, it’s guaranteed to be a hassle at minimum, and a catastrophe at worst.

The truth is many of these sorts of issues are avoidable and are caused by failure to monitor your system’s vital signs.

REDARC’s RedVision total vehicle management system is a slick product that offers a new level of automation to the touring experience.

It’s available for OEM fitment in camper trailers and caravans and you can switch your fridge, lights and other accessories on or off from the front seat of your fourby via the handy smartphone app.

The RedVision system provides instant readings on your rig’s vital functions like water levels and running temperature, and if you have it paired with a Manager battery management system, you can keep an eye on your auxiliary battery levels while on the go.

If your 4WD’s cockpit is starting to look like the inside of an air traffic control tower, with blinking lights and switches everywhere you look, it’s time to streamline your setup.

You’d be surprised just what a difference it makes to your stress levels bringing control of your rig’s various accessories under the one umbrella.

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