When it comes to camping, what constitutes as ‘basic living standards’ will vary wildy, depending on the nature of the trip.

A solo fishing weekend or overnight surf trip camped up the beach with the boys? Sleeping bags, swags and a well-stocked icebox are generally all that’s required.

When heading away with the missus, more stringent standards tend to be imposed, namely, the ability to maintain a modicum of hygiene and privacy.

Well, the KickAss Awning Shower Tent is one handy product that has proven itself in recent times when it comes to getting the go-ahead on a whole lot more bush camping adventures.

Having a change room setup negates the need for Houdini-esque changing routines in the backseat of the fourby and instantly boosts the appeal of a night under the stars.

This nifty contraption comes with its own mounting brackets to attach to the side of your vehicle. It’s built on a sturdy, corrosion resistant frame and, once mounted, offers a seamless seven-second set up.

The sag-free design supports sturdy ripstop canvas walls that feature an additional silver lining in order to eliminate silhouettes. The chunky YKK zips won’t jam and the whole package comes contained in an ultra tough UV resistant storage bag.

The KickAss portable camp showers are sold separately, but at less than the price of a slab of beer, pairing one of these with your awning shower tent is a no brainer. The showers have a built-in, rechargeable lithium battery, cordless operation, have a fully submersible pump, and can be recharged via USB.

They’re priced at $199, have an 8L capacity and are an absolute godsend on winter mornings around camp and when rinsing off the salt after a dip in the ocean.

The awning shower tents are priced at $249, which might just be the best couple hundred we’ve spent improving our camp setup in recent years.

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