The 4WD dash cam game is a buyers’ market right now, and offroad communications heavyweight Uniden is controlling the action…

The team just recently unveiled two more state of the art cams: the Dash View 30 and 30R Smart Dash Cam.

Built with fine-tuned Japanese technology designed and road-tested directly for the Australian market, both new models are slim and compact and offer a slew of useful new features.

Both models feature 2.5K video resolution front camera, plus full HD rear cam with 140-degree angle lenses at front and rear.

The addition of Sony’s Starvis Image Sensor to each model provides clearer vision in both ultra bright and low light conditions.

Uniden national boss Brad Hales describes the new cams as ideal for, “vehicle owners after a device they can integrate into their car without fuss or intrusion across the windshield.”

“Our new Dash View range allows drivers to record everything on the road, without even knowing they’ve got a dash cam fitted.”

DASH VIEW 30 RRP $399.95

DASHVIEW 30R RRP $499.95


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