Avondale woodland, east of Perth. Pic: parks.dpaw.wa.gov.au

East coasters and Territorians feeling sorry for themselves with regards to long distance drives certainly won’t cop too much sympathy from the sandgropers… 

An entire state full of highway warriors that don’t blink at tallying up multiple 1000km+ days on the tarmac!

Well, here’s a legitimate dirty daytrip option that might be just the ticket for stressed-out Perthlings in need of a little offroad R&R. Yep, you read that right, a 4WD daytrip out of Perth!

The trip’s an easy drive east from the capital to the Lakes Roadhouse, through the eucalypt forest of Wandoo National Park out to Avondale. A 300km loop that’s perfect for a long daytrip with an early start and even factors in time for a trackside smoko stopover. 

If you’re not in a rush you could camp at York for a night and make a proper weekender of it. The drive is fairly gentle and is suitable for beginner drivers, but the scenery’s magnificent and you’ll feel a million miles from home.


4WDING: The majority of the drive is on pretty user-friendly gravel roads, although there are some corrugated sections and a few narrow rocky sections and steep slopes. Suitable for all 4WD vehicles.  

WILDLIFE: Keep an eye out for wild wedge tailed eagles freewheeling above the tracks on the thermal updrafts. If you plan a springtime visit, the tracks grassy verges are carpeted in brilliant wild flowers.


LOCATION: The entire trip is a 300km loop from Perth. The longest distance without fuel stretches from the Lakes Roadhouse to York. 

CAMPING is available at the York Caravan Park.

FUEL is Available at Perth, the Lakes Roadhouse and York.

MORE INFO is available at www.dpaw.wa.gov.au

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