Touring pioneer Norm Needham dug through his photo archive and memory bank to give us the inside story of a life less ordinary…

Ever since Australia’s Les Theiss and Japan’s Tony Moriya put their heads together during the construction of the Snowy Scheme to develop the ultimate 4WD, the LandCruiser has been unbeatable.

It was built to handle everything Australia could throw at it, from Cape York mudslides, to High Country slush pits, to Simpson Desert dune crossings.

Norm Needham got in on the ground floor, knowing that the ultimate workhorse rig would also be the ultimate freedom vessel.

For half a century he has used a succession of Cruisers to explore the length and breadth of this land.

As you go through Norm’s pics you will notice the vehicles get updated along the way, and that the enduring LandCruiser opened up the land for one of Australia’s most enduring offroad adventurers.

Click on each pic below and the full story will expand…


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