Computer rendered images of the new HiLux model were leaked online…

New 2021 HiLux model incoming. Pic: Milele Motors

Online reports circulated in recent days are beginning to paint a picture of how the imminent 2021 upgraded Toyota HiLux may look.

The current model was introduced back in 2015, and it’s understood that the 2021 iteration will retain similar bodywork, but receive a significant revamp to the front and rear ends, with a potential uptick in under-bonnet specs.

A series of images published by international site Milele Motors depicts a radical facelift for the best-selling ute, with clear cosmetic nods to the North American market Tundra and Tacoma pick-ups.

Featuring updated grille inspired by US Tacoma and Tundra pick ups. Pic: Milele Motors

The images are artist’s renderings and appear to indicate the ‘Lux’s facelift will include a comprehensively updated grille and front end, as well as redesigned tail lights, lending the new model an aggressive new look.

The new ‘Lux’s 2.8L four cylinder turbo diesel powerplant is slated to receive a minor power increase from the current output of 130kW/450Nm for the automatic, and 130kW/420Nm for the manual variant.

It’s been indicated that the towing capacity of the new automatic HiLux may be boosted to match the 3,500kg hauling capacity of its current manual counterpart.

Rumours circulated pre-Rona pandemic suggested that Aussie Toyota dealers might start receiving stock of the new HiLux models as early as July of this year, although there’s plenty of ways this could be delayed due to supply chain delays and similar COVID related delays.

Hard facts are still light-on at this stage and there’s plenty of conjecture at play, but what appears certain is that there’s an upgraded new Toyota HiLux in the works, it’ll be sporting a rugged new front end, likely upgraded power output and performance specs and it could be available as early as July 2020.

Stay tuned for official images of the new HiLux and further details in the coming weeks.

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