North of Perth, between Lancelin and Cervantes. Pic:

Wedge Island is a classic Western Australian offroad holiday spot that has a legion of fans amongst Perth’s 4WDers.

Not exactly an island as such, a long sand spit connects the point to the mainland, sprinkled with a sparse collection of rustic and rundown fisherman’s shacks, remnants of a past era when the spot was the preserve of a select bunch of crayfish gatherers and commercial fishermen.

Wedge Island is located north of the popular dune driving spot Lancelin, and a little to the south of Cervantes.

Apart from some top-notch beach driving action, there are some excellent beach fishing opportunities available to visitors, and plenty of beachfront real estate perfect for swimming, snorkelling and surfing.

Wedge Island can be accessed via the beach plus several bush tracks, however the character of the area has changed somewhat since a bitumen access road was put in, and camping has since been disallowed in the area.


4WDING is popular along the beach leading south from Wedge Island towards Lancelin and north towards Grey.

SURFING is popular in the area although conditions can be inconsistent. There are plenty of isolated sand banks to choose from, so you should be able to find a spot to yourself early in the morning before the wind gets up.

FISHING is one of the most popular activities amongst visitors, with plenty of species frequenting the beach’s shallow gutters year-round.

Whiting and dusky flathead are often caught in numbers during summer, while tailor and Australian salmon are more popular targets during the winter months.


LOCATION: Approximately 170km to the north of Perth, just to the north of Lancelin and south of Cervantes.

CAMPING is unfortunately no longer allowed in the area. At this point, visitors are restricted to day trips out of Perth, or otherwise you could base yourself at one of the caravan parks at Lancelin for a longer stay.

FUEL is available at Perth and Lancelin.

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