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Lucky Bay is located within Western Australia’s Cape le Grand National Park, not far from the township of Esperance.

Known for it’s blindingly white sand and placid, turquoise waters, Lucky Bay is a striking and objectively beautiful destination.

As pretty as it is, crowds are not too much an issue this far south of Perth, with the eight-hour drive from the capital enough to deter some. Although it should be noted that campsites here are at a premium, particularly during peak touring season, and bookings are essential. More info HERE.

With over five kilometres of glorious beachfront to explore, even if you’re visiting during the peak of the summer holidays you shouldn’t have any issues finding a private spot to pull up for a swim or to have a fish.

Lucky Bay is located just 55km out of Esperance but 775km southeast of Perth, so metro visitors should factor in around eight hours of travel time each way.


4WDING: With 5km of coastal real estate to explore, Lucky Bay is a beach driving paradise. The sand here is hard packed and easy to drive on, however it makes sense to keep the usual recovery gear on hand as a matter of course.

FISHING: With so much space available, you should always be able to find a gutter to cast a line by yourself.

Australian salmon are one of the most common catches from the beach down here and will readily hit whole pilchard baits.

If you prefer a more active style of fishing, try patrolling the beach with a spin rod, casting and retrieving a metal slice through the deeper gutters you come across.


LOCATION: 55km from Esperance, within the Cape le Grand National Park. Approximately 775km southeast of Perth.

CAMPING is available at the Lucky Bay campground at a cost of $15 per adult and $3 per child per night. Toilets, showers, barbeques and picnic tables are provided. Bookings are essential, more info HERE.

There is camper trailer and caravan access and wood fires are permitted, although firewood can be scarce so it is a good idea to bring your own.

FUEL is available at Esperance.

MORE INFO is available at

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