Get up close and personal with wild saltwater crocodiles in their natural habitat with Spectacular Crocodile Cruises.

The team of guides are wildlife experts and have been operating here on one of the most croc-packed stretches of the Adelaide River for more than 30 years – less than 60 minutes from the centre of Darwin city!

Spectacular Crocodile Cruises is an aboriginal owned business and the guides are highly trained in order to educate guests on crocodile biology as well as introduce visitors to the floodplains ecosystem, its history and wildlife, and to offer a peek into tens of thousands of years of human interaction with this amazing and unique environment.

The tours are safe, comfortable and undercover and provide the best opportunity to witness wild saltwater crocs feeding.

Cold drinks, snacks, ice cream, coffee, souvenirs and a range of crocodile products are available from their on-site shop.

HISTORY: The Australian saltwater crocodile was facing extinction after half a century of hunting by European settlers for their skin. Croc hunting was eventually banned in the early 1970s and at that time their numbers in the wild were estimated to be as low as 3000.

The population has since recovered and Spectacular Crocodile Cruises, as well as a number of other organisations, lead the way in educating visitors about this amazing native species.

THE CROCS: The crocodiles you’ll see while cruising the Adelaide River are 100% wild and the behaviours you’ll see where they launch from the water are based on natural hunting techniques for catching birds and flying foxes.

The crocodiles on this stretch of the river know the sight and sound of the tour boats and know that they can expect a feed. The crocodiles are treated with respect and guides are highly trained to ensure that the animals are not teased but are instead rewarded for their interactions.

The crocodile is a cold-blooded animal and can be seen basking in the sun on the river banks during the cooler months of June, July and August. In warmer conditions, they’ll cool off in the shade or beneath the water.

THE CRUISES: Spectacular Crocodile Cruises run four regularly scheduled hour-long cruises on the Adelaide River each day of the year except for Christmas Day. The boats meet or exceed Australian marine safety standards and there are multiple crew on hand to ensure that you have a fun and safe experience. Cruises operate in all weather conditions and are open to guests of all ages.

Expect to get close to some of the NT’s largest wild saltwater crocs, and keep an eye out for rare birdlife, bull sharks, interesting interactions between individual crocs plus other marine life.

THE BOATS: Three custom made vessels are in use for safe, up close croc cruises.

The Croc-Cat1 is a purpose-built multi hull design perfect for comfortable river cruising, while the smaller and more nimble Wildcat has a reduced seating capacity, but can get further up the river in order to access the wilds of the Adelaide River Floodplains.

CONTACT: Get in touch with the team at Spectacular Crocodile Cruises with any questions or to book a cruise.

WEB:                www.jumpingcrocodile.com.au

PHONE:           (08) 8978 9077

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