REDARC Electronics unveils new range of 12-volt lithium batteries.

The new range of lithium deep cycle batteries are available in 60Ah, 100Ah and 200Ah variants.

South Australian based 4WD and touring tech innovators REDARC Electronics have bolstered their already formidable arsenal of offroad spec, touring-centric 12V technology with a new range of 12V deep cycle lithium (LiFePO4) batteries.

The next-gen powercells are available in 60Ah, 100Ah and 200Ah variants that will certainly prove popular with 4WDers, campers and boaties looking for the perfect auxiliary batteries to power their adventures.

There’s plenty to love about the new lithium deep cycle range; they’re fast charging, lightweight, have a long lifespan and are maintenance-free.

Each new REDARC lithium battery includes an internal BMS (battery management system), which allows multiple units to be wired in parallel to boost storage reserves.

With overall vehicle weight a serious concern for those whose rigs are packed to the gills for long trips around Australia, the new REDARC lithium range will hold particular interest.

With a saving of 15-20kg per battery, when compared to traditional AMG/ lead acid equivalents, making the switch to lithium technology could revolutionise the way many of us travel.

While it’s well known that lithium batteries do come at a premium, the technology has been fine tuned in recent years.

Lithium batteries have an extended number of lifetime charge cycles, up to eight times that of traditional deep cycle battery equivalents, and can thus work out a more cost effective charging option in the long run.

Longer battery lifespan paired with a low self-discharge rate and zero maintenance makes REDARC’s lithium battery range a perfect ‘set and forget’ solution.

REDARC has been producing and finetuning the most trusted battery chargers in the game for many years, and their Manager30 Battery Management System and RedVision Total Management System were developed in order to enable customer access to real-time 12V system info and control.

It’s little wonder that REDARC will now round out their customer offering with a range of in-house lithium deep cycle powercells that will surely be powering campsites from Cape York to Carnarvon by the end of this touring season.


200Ah (LABT12200)
For maximum energy storage and for applications requiring a high current the 200Ah variant has a recommended continuous discharge rate of 100A and can also be used with a 1000W inverter (per battery).

100Ah Heavy Duty (LBAT12100-HD)
Ideal for applications requiring a high current, the 100Ah Heavy Duty variant has a recommended continuous discharge rate of 100A and can be used with an inverter up to 1000W in size (per battery).

100Ah Standard Low Draw (LBAT12100)
Great for applications when a powerful current is not required over an extended period, the 100Ah standard variant has a recommended continuous discharge of 50A and be used with an inverter up to 500W in size (per battery).

60Ah Slimline (LBAT12060)
The 60Ah variant is offered in a slimline design, suitable for installation where space is limited, for example it could fit behind the rear seat of a dual cab ute or under the passenger seat. With a recommended continuous discharge of 85A it provides a powerful energy solution for its capacity and can be used with an inverter up to 850W in size (per battery).

CLICK HERE to check out the new lithium range – or for a little inspo to complete your 12V setup and battery management system.

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