Modifications always involve some kind of compromise. I guess I knew that already, however when we fitted up my REDARC gauges, I didn’t give it much more thought.

I fitted a REDARC boost gauge, which I plumbed into the boost sensor just under the back on the intercooler, in my 200 series.

The gauge is awesome. I do love it, and the information that I get from it is great. But, like everything, sometimes you need to think a little past what you are doing in the moment and future proof potential problems.

It is fairly common with the 200s that the vacuum hose fitted to the boost sensor comes off. It causes an instant loss of power, but no lights come on.

If you know where to look, it’s as easy as pushing the hose back on and you’re away… except for the burn you will get on you forearm squeezing under the intercooler when the engine is hot.

When you fit up the REDARC gauge, you fit up a T-piece and extra vacuum hose, but the diameter is a little bigger than the genuine Toyota hose.

So, here I was towing the boat up to Eildon under full boost and suddenly a ‘boom!’ then loss of power.

The REDARC boost gauge actually showed no turbo boost, so I knew straight away what it was.

I pulled over and lifted the intercooler, and sure enough, the hose had dropped off.

I was able to squeeze my hand in there and push the hose back on. The rest of the trip it was fine, but I was kicking myself that I didn’t fit the hoses initially with cable ties to try to secure them.

I actually did think about it when fitting up the gauge, but got busy in the shop and we didn’t end up doing it.

The next week after the trip, I brought my 200 series into the shop before we opened. I pulled the intercooler off it and secured each vacuum hose with a cable tie to help hold them in position.

Actually, it’s funny that I’m saying vacuum hose, which is what this type of hose is called, but in this case it is actually boost.

It’s an easy thing to do and I have actually towed the boat back up to Eildon since doing this and haven’t had any further issues.

Something so simple at the time can cause frustration when you are out. Hopefully this will help other people.



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