One of the best offroad day trips out of Brisbane. Pic:

A trip out to Condamine Gorge could be just what the doctor ordered, that is if you’re a Brisbane based 4WDer suffering from an acute bout of over work.

The Condamine Gorge Road is renowned for crossing the Condamine River 14 times, offering visitors the opportunity to practice and fine tune their water crossing technique under fairly tame conditions.

The gorge is positioned amongst the densely cloaked mountains of the Great Dividing Range, within the Scenic Rim region.

This means that there is mind-boggling scenery on tap, lush riverside landscapes abound and flowing waterfalls everywhere you look.

The Condamine River crossings are known for being quite manageable under normal conditions, due to the waterway’s stable river stone foundation, however things can change after periods of heavy rain when some of the crossings can become impassible.

An unbeatable spot to escape the city crush for a weekend of fun driving set to a gorgeous backdrop.


4WDING is the primary reason for a trip out here, although visitors should be aware that most of the driving on offer is of a pretty gentle nature. Come out here a water crossing virgin and develop confidence in your vehicle and driving ability.

WATERFALLS are a highlight of the park, with a couple of the standouts being Daggs Falls and Queen Mary Falls, both of which can be viewed from individual lookouts.


LOCATION: Condamine Gorge is 182km southwest of Brisbane and access is via the Cunningham Highway.

CAMPING is available at a number of commercial parks in the area including Queen Mary Falls Caravan Park and Boonah Show Society Caravan Park.

FUEL is available at Ipswich and Aratula.

MORE INFO is available at

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