The most useful purchase you’ll make all year!

Precision Swiss engineering at its finest.

Your choice of multi-tool says a lot about you. Perhaps you enjoy the simple elegance of a Swiss Champ? Or prefer to keep a Rescue Tool at your hip to deal with any emergency.

Spending weeks at a time on the road as part of the 4WD Touring Australia film crew, shooting travel editorial and simply getting away on my own time to camp and go fishing on the weekends has drummed into my head the importance of having a good multi tool within reach at all times.

I’ve tried ‘em all. From simple flip knife designs, through to larger hunting style blades and chunky setups with more functions and bright lights than the dash of your fourby after an unexpectedly deep creek crossing.

Sure, most of the time you’re probably used to using multi-tools to knock the top off a cold stubbie, perhaps open some mail or trim a fishing knot…

You might be thinking, ‘my old pocketknife does all that, do I really need the latest and greatest…?’

The answer is yes!




To use a top shelf multi-tool like the Victorinox SwissTool Spirit XC to understand why. It’s fundamentally changed the way I do things when on the job, away on the road, around camp and even at home.

Wrap your head around the fact that within the stylish leather pouch is a masterpiece of engineering boasting 36 (actually useful) functions. Each tool is superbly well made, functions flawlessly and clicks back into place seamlessly when not in use.

It’s legitimately the equivalent of carrying around a full tool kit with you everywhere you go, except it fits in the palm of your hand, and it’s so lightweight that you’ll actually carry it around and have it on hand when you need it.

Obviously, some functions will get more use than others. The tried and true plier design is ideal for those of us that regularly need to undo bolts and tinker with various accessories fitted to our 4WDs.




The needle nose pliers are sturdy, grip anything and function just as well as the bulky set in your toolbox that weights 5X as much (and isn’t equipped with 35 other functions).

The scissors are sharp, precisely engineered and perfect for trimming heat shrink and electrical tape. The multiple sized screwdrivers, can opener, bottle opener, wood and metal saws, chisel and other tools are as well made as you could imagine, function exactingly and snap into place reassuringly.

The locking mechanism is reliable and allows you to work on the job at hand without worrying about slipping and stabbing yourself (always somewhat of a worry with cheaper knock off multi tools).

And the ratchet set? A revelation! Seriously, you’ll never realise just how badly you needed a portable ratchet set until you’ve got one in your pocket at all times.

Between setting up and adjusting awning brackets on the fourby, re-fitting a set of roof racks and even setting up flat pack Ikea furniture at home, this function has had the most use hands down.

So if you’re in the market for a new multi tool (or know someone who is), the Victorinox Swiss Tool Spirit XC Plus is absolutely worthy of your serious consideration.

Sure, it might set you back a few more bucks than the imitation version at your local camping store, but as soon as you get your hands on one of these badboys you’ll be wondering how you ever made do without the real thing.

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