Australia’s toughest jockey wheel just got taller…


ARK’s XO Series jockey wheels are seriously tough. They’re built ruggedly from the ground up, without cutting any corners, in order to provide a product that gets the job done, every time.

On top of their durability, the XO Series jockey wheels have earned a rep for versatility.

With multiple height options, a highly maneuverable trailing yoke design and different yoke locking positions. Plus, they’re now available in many sizes, weight ratings and styles.

Dual 8″ wheels with sealed bearings and premium offroad tread ensure stability and smooth operation.

The new oversized addition to the XO Series range boasts all the same features as the previous XO750, but has a massive 850mm overall maximum height.

Featuring heavy-duty swivel mount, mounting hardware for your trailer plus dual eight-inch wheels with sealed bearings and premium offroad tread.

A smart yoke design ensures that wheels pivot easily – even under heavy load or when used on soft ground.

The rust resistant finish has been salt spray tested for 600 hours and the magnetic, removing side-winding handle is a touch of design brilliance.

RRP $449.99

Check ‘em out HERE

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