We’ve been using GME‘s XRS range for a few years now, and the consensus around 4WD Touring headquarters thus far has been that they are rugged, reliable and future-thinking in their design and usability.

The new XRS-330COB Outback Pack has been in Shadow for a few months now, on trips out to Moreton, Fraser and up my backyard, Double Island. It’s been a good shakedown for the new radio/ antenna combo.

First off, the antenna up the front is nice and compact, and tough as nails. The AE4707B is designed as the perfect outback all-rounder. It is lightweight with a medium gain of 2.1dBi, perfect for open country or the mountains.

Inside, the XRS-330C is the future of UHF radios. Compact, sleek and good looking, the sound on the XRS range is phenomenal. These aren’t your grandad’s crackly old radios. All of the controls are at your fingertips, with backlit buttons so you can see everything in the dark.

The OLED screen feels expensive and is dead easy to read in any light, even harsh noonday sun.

I like the fact that nearly every function has its own button. That isn’t the cheapest way to build a radio, but it does make for the best user experience down the road, on the road.

Everything else is easy to set up and use via the XRS app. I tend to rely on that for anything more esoteric, like setting up custom scan lists or managing duplex settings.

I’m a big fan of this combo. It satisfies my three biggest requirements for anything that goes with me on adventures: Reliability, ease-of-use and good looks!

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