When you’re in the wilds of a place like Lorella Springs, you want to have your recovery game sorted.

Hi Adam,

I have seen mixed reviews online about the Tow hooks on the front of my LandCruiser model. I’ve been told by all sorts of people that the factory points are more than strong enough, but I’ve also heard a lot about recovery points as well. (I just don’t like how far they hang down).

Can you confirm if the factory points are OK to use?

Thank you,


Hi Warwick,

Recovery points have been a hot topic for some time now. The factory points are actually tie down points used to secure the vehicle in the shipping process into Australia.

Yes some of the points are quite large and beefy but they are not rated or tested for use in a recovery process.

ARB and Roadsafe produce proper rated recovery points. ARB have tested and designed them to 8000kgs on most models, whereas Roadsafe are rated to either 5000kgs or 3500kgs depending on the model.

These companies invest a lot of money in the correct testing of (a) the recovery points themselves, and (b) also the location where they are mounted on the vehicle. They put the points through extensive testing to ensure they meet the rating and are fit for use for our conditions.

A recovery is something that can be quite dangerous, so in my opinion a rated recovery point is the most important upgrade you could fit on your 4WD.

Most 4WD Clubs also will not let you attend a trip out unless you have your vehicle fitted with rated recovery points. Also, where possible, make to use an equalizer strap between the two recovery points to help spread the load.

I hope that helps.



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