Recipe by Ron Corleone.

Whip up one of these comfort food saviours around the fire and you’ll become the Godfather of the campground.

This plant-based version is a lighter twist on the Mediterranean classic, and allows the fresh spinach and oregano to come to the fore.

If you’re a diehard carnivore, never fear, as it’s dead simple to add a couple hundred grams of ground beef to your pasta sauce pre-assembly in order to get your flesh fix.

The key to a top lasagna is perfectly cooked pasta sheets. A surefire way to make sure your layers are soft and supple is to pre-boil them before assembling your camp oven masterpiece.

The overarching principle of camp cookery is to simplify wherever possible. So if it’s possible to source pre-cooked, frozen pasta sheets, go for it. Thaw them out and they’ll be ready to go.

All other ingredients can be reliably procured wherever fresh produce is peddled.


~ One tablespoon olive oil

~ 500ml pasta sauce

~ 400g of frozen pre-cooked pasta sheets

~ Three cups baby spinach leaves

~ Two cups shredded mozzarella

~ A handful of rough chopped oregano or basil


~ Pre-heat camp oven over coals, evenly apply olive oil to its base

~ Apply half cup of pasta sauce evenly to the base of your camp oven

~ Add first set of pasta sheets to form the base

~ Another half cup of sauce, a cup of spinach, and 1/3 cup mozzarella

~ Repeat four layers of the above

~ Top with remaining spinach and mozzarella and chopped oregano

~ Close camp oven and put some coals from the fire on top of the lid

~ Bake for 30 minutes until the cheesy top layer is golden brown.

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