Infamous sand dunes rise behind the Fowlers Bay foreshore. Pic: Bruce Elder/

Fowlers Bay is a remote outpost way out in Nullarbor Country, but a getaway out here is doable from Adelaide if you can line up a minimum four days off in a stretch, or better yet a full week.

The bay is west of the Eyre Peninsula and around 900km west of the state capital, although it’s an easy highway stretch for the most part and can be reached in a day’s driving each way.

Try to remember that by putting in the hard yards to visit these remote destinations, you’ll likely beat the crowds and manage to carve off your own little slice of weekend solitude.

Fowlers Bay is a town defined by its dunes, in fact the shifting sand mounds have even swallowed up some original sections of the town, including the hotel!

Sand driving is some of the most fun you can have in a 4WD, and the dunes out here rival any you can drive on around the country.


4WDING: It’s all about dune bashing out here, you could spend days hammering these sand hills.

As with all sand driving, aired down tyres prevent most problems before they happen, but remember to mount up a sand flag before hitting the dunes and carry a long handled shovel and a set of MAXTRAX.

FISHING: The long jetty in town is actually a great spot to wet a line. Plenty of big southern calamari squid are landed by locals and tourists year round. Pack a good selection of squid jigs and you should have no trouble scoring a fresh feed of calamari.


LOCATION: 918km west of Adelaide, access is via following National Highway A1 before turning off onto Fowlers Bay Rd.

CAMPING is available at a basic bush campsite right by the water. No facilities are provided, so visitors must carry in drinking water and be self-sustainable. There’s also a caravan park that offers powered sites and other accommodation.

FUEL stops can be spread out around here. Diesel is available in Fowlers Bay itself, but the nearest petrol is available in Nundroo, 32km to the northwest.

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