The golden rule of camp cookery is you gotta keep it simple and delicious.

No mucking around with loads of different ingredients, just a handful of key components and a quick turnaround. No one wants to be slaving over the camp stove all night.

A Mexican feast is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. And you ain’t had real Mexican till you’ve gorged yourself senseless on Baja style fish tacos.

Fresh soft tortillas are vital. Make a hard pass on those stackable hard shell jobs from the supermarket. Slap your soft tortillas down on the hotplate for a couple of seconds either side so they’re nice and toasty before serving up.

Fresh white fish is your game changer. If you can catch a couple of flathead, bream, whiting or dart you’re in business.

A few good chunks of fish on top of each tortilla, no seasoning required. A squirt of chipotle dressing (mayo with a little chilli added), a little diced red onion and tomato, shredded greens and a squirt of lime and the crew will be drooling.

Wash down with a frosty cold Corona and you’re living the good life, amigo!


Soft tortillas (grab the jumbo pack from the supermarket)

A couple of fresh white fish

One large tomato

A large red onion

Shredded lettuce

A handful of shredded coriander

A couple of limes

Chipotle dressing



~Roast your gutted and scaled fish, wrapped in foil, over your campfire coals

~Lightly toast your soft tortillas and top with chunks of piping hot fish

~Douse with a generous squeeze of chipotle

~Top with a spoonful of finely diced tomato and red onion, a little shredded lettuce and coriander plus a squeeze of lime.

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