A few handy power options dedicated to the cause of the committed weekend warrior.

A hardwired 12V dual battery system is the heart of any dedicated touring rig. So the conventional wisdom goes… Can’t really argue with that, although the reality is that plenty of punters aren’t driving dedicated touring rigs.

I know a couple of blokes with hardwired, multi battery bank power setups in their trucks with enough fuses, relays and blinking lights to rewire the International Space Station.

The problem is, both of these fellas are so bogged down with work commitments that it’s a rarity that either can be cajoled into a quick weekend trip up the beach. Let alone a Simpson Desert crossing.

For anyone in a similar situation with competing work and family commitments, a good quality portable battery box could be a viable solution. They’re affordable, convenient to charge up at home and move in and out of your vehicle, and they hold enough juice to power a weekend camping session with ease.

If you like to get away for more than a day or two at a time, but aren’t quite ready to commit to a hardwired setup, you can always boost your portable power reserves with a solar panels.

We’ve had REDARC fixed panels mounted on our rigs for years and their amorphous solar blankets are awesome for quickly topping up portable power supplies around camp.

We’ve also used a few different models of the ArkPak units and they’ve been outstanding. The current 730 model is compatible with lithium batteries and can hold a pretty phenomenal level of charge for days and days.

The Engel Smart Battery Box is another great little power pack that’s compatible with lithium batteries too, as are the Dometic Coolpower RAPS44 units.

So, if you’re caught up in the grind and currently struggling to string more than a couple of days off together at a time, why not consider saving a few bucks and investing in a quality portable power pack?

You might be surprised just how far these modern units can take you, and if your situation changes down the track and you end up with more time on your hands, you can always flog it off on eBay and invest in the hardwired setup of your dreams, complete with REDARC battery management system and in-vehicle charger.

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