There are endless benefits when it comes to tourers streamlining their 12V systems.

Users can switch fridges, lights, inverters and myriad other gadgets on and off while on the go, using the RedVision unit’s display or via the smartphone app.

You can take instant readings of vital functions like water tank levels and, paired with a Manager battery management system, you can keep abreast of auxiliary power levels while underway.

Not only does a system like this keep you more informed and ultimately safer when touring remotely, it takes a weight off your shoulders.

You’re free to enjoy your travels with the peace of mind that you’d be notified well in advance if any component of your setup weren’t performing at full pace.

Well. Last issue was barely a couple of days off to the printers when a hot little update landed in our inbox, courtesy of the product development team over at REDARC.

The much-vaunted RedVision systems are now available for installation direct to your 4WD.

While fitting these units up in new campers and caravans is undoubtedly a solid option for a subset of travellers, there are plenty of us who get about trailer-free for much of our time out in the bush.

A few years into any modified 4WD build and it’s all too easy for your cockpit to start to resemble some sort of space station control room in meltdown mode, full of blinking lights and alerts.

You can see what all the fuss is about over at







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