If you want the freedom to go anywhere, anytime?… then it’s time to tool up!

It can be tricky to work out exactly what tools to take when you are on the tracks. You’re guaranteed to need the one tool that you didn’t pack.

Let’s start by checking out my own trackside toolkit.

– Screwdriver set

– Socket set

– Spanner set

– Tyre removal tools and a jack

– Hammer

– Soldering iron and butane gas

– Pliers side, cutters, multigrips, adjustable spanner

– Spare nuts and bolts, wire cable ties, terminal fuses and tape

– Spare hose and clamps

– Air compressor and puncture repair kit

– Full set of recovery equipment including a drag chain

– A set of brake line clamps and a number of torches

– Multimeter and a test light

This kit will usually cover me for most things.

Every trip can be different though. If space is limited you can split the tools up between all the vehicles so you only carry some of them each. If you are travelling alone then you will need to carry more.

When I travel the High Country, a lot of my friends rely on me having all the tools… some friends hey!

The Kimberley trip with Carlisle was also a bit different. We had discussed that I would be there to help with any breakdown or roadside repair that may have been required.

I actually travelled to Kununurra with two suitcases and one bag, which were mostly full of tools. The airline loved me as I was overweight and had to shuffle around from one bag to another until I was able to travel without paying for extra freight.

What did I use out there? Well, I used my hand tools and multigrips to change some brakes. I wired up an Anderson plug and soldered a new connection into one for a solar panel. I tightened a few drive belts and helped with some small repairs of that nature.

We also ran some extra cable to join batteries together so fridges didn’t die overnight and. So, yes, I felt a lot better having tools at hand, but I do have to say that I could have taken less.

One set of things I really wanted to use on that trip were the Arc Welding Rods. I have always wanted to use them out on the tracks.

Putting a couple of batteries together and creating sparks and molten metal just excites me, haha, but they ended up coming home with me unused.

Depending on where you go, there are usually other people around who have tools with them and are always happy to help if required.

Go through your tools, take what you need, and then go through them again before you pack your 4WD.

See you out there.





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