Keep on top of your spare parts inventory and you’ll be pinballing between Kata Tjuta and Uluru, without a hitch.  (C)Dan Proud


Hi Adam,

I’m about to head out on a trip to Uluru. I drive a 2012 GU Patrol, which is fairly well set up. Is there anything in particular you reckon I should check while on my trip, or any spares you think I should take?

Thanks mate,

Brendan, Hendra, Q.


Hey Brendan,

Sure thing. I would be checking oil at every fuel fill and having a good look over the vehicle before you take off each morning. I would be checking the water level and looking over everything like drive belts hoses, etc.

I’m assuming you have a 3.0L, they suffer from drive belt issues so I would consider changing it before you leave and carrying the old one as a spare.

If you have an additional fuel filter I would carry a spare fuel filter for the pre or secondary filter and also a spare factory filter.

From there, I would also carry spare hoses and clamps, fuses, cable ties and tape. Maybe also wired ties.

When checking the rig daily I’d be checking under the vehicle for any visual signs of leaks. Have a feel of things like the wheel bearings and also have a good look over the tyres.

Also take some spare wires and electrical tools. You’ll find that a lot of issues will be electrical.

Enjoy your trip Brendan!



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