Recipe by Wayne Brooker

“Yeah I’m into fitness… Fitness whole taco in my mouth”

We at the 4WD Touring cookery desk have been devotees of the Central American street sandwich since way, way back.

Soft shell tacos are simple, succulent and downright serendipitous served at dusk aside a crisp cerveza.

When longtime reader Wayne Brooker’s email landed atop our inbox, claiming to share trade secrets of “the best tacos de pollo this side of Sinaloa” it wasn’t long until his formula was put to the test.

“I can’t claim to have invented it myself,” Wayne explained, when we got him on the blower to shed light on the origin of his Mexi-wrap sensation. “But I’ve tried and I can’t beat it!”

He mumbled something about taking notes over the shoulder of the Oaxacan line cook at the Brunswick Taqueria he did a stint pulling beers and washing dishes at.

Tangy seasoned chook, chunky chopped tomatoes, spicy jalapenos and fresh coriander on a toasted corn tortilla… Paired with a frosty Modelo, Pacifico, Tecate, or a Corona if you’re desperate, and you can’t miss.


Four boneless chicken thighs

Two lime’s juice + zest

A handful rough chopped coriander

Teaspoon of salt

Teaspoon chilli powder

Two diced jalapeno chillies

Pinch of garlic powder

Tablespoon olive oil

Two diced tomatoes

Handful of shredded cheese


Mix your olive oil, lime, coriander and spices in a bowl and add your chicken pieces. Marinate in the fridge or icebox for an hour

Remove chicken and cook over a hot barbeque grill. Around five minutes each side until you’ve got some light charring and each piece is cooked through

Let chicken rest for a few minutes before cutting into strips. Meanwhile, toast your tortillas for 30 seconds each side on hotplate or grill

Assemble your tacos with chicken strips, diced tomato and plenty of coriander

Top with a little crumbled cheese and a squeeze of fresh lime

(Word to the wise: double your ingredient list when prepping for a crowd. These things fly off the grill fast)

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