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Hey Adam,

I now own an Isuzu D-Max and am checking into doing an interim oil and filter change myself. I would just like to make sure I am using the correct oil. A while back I remember reading something about an oil guide but can’t remember what it was. Can you please remind me of it again?




Hi Rod,

It would have been almost a year ago now that I mentioned this and I’m happy to confirm it all again. In my workshop we run with Valvoline oils and carry a huge range of oils to suit all types of engines now.

Valvoline have an online lube guide that you can scroll through to check the oil type and amount that is required, plus they also advise on drive line oils and coolants as well.

In my shop we have actually downloaded their App to our phones and use it to check the vehicle. Valvoline claim that all items on their website and App are true and that the top listed oils are the most correct for the engines. In a lot of cases they have letters confirming that the oil meets specifications by the manufacturers.

These kinds of Apps are great. It’s not only Valvoline that have this service, all oil companies have the same type of thing. Filter companies such as Ryco also have an online catalogue that you can move through to find the correct filter part numbers, which we also find handy in the workshop.

Hope that helps



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