Is there anything worse than a flat battery?

Well, maybe one or two things… But the dull clicking sound of the ignition attempting to turn over, coupled with the slow realisation that she’s not kicking over, not today, is right up there.

Aftermarket electronics powerhouse REDARC have been behind a suite of our favourite touring innovations over the past few years, and their SmartCharge AC battery charger range, a collab with Norwegian innovators DEFA, is another home run.

The SmartCharge units are designed to automatically charge and maintain most 12V starter and auxiliary batteries, including modern lithium powercells, and they’re a seriously solid insurance policy.

They’re ideal for keeping in the garage, in the back of the fourby, or anyplace you might be caught out and need to charge a battery quick smart.

The SmartCharge units are available in 4, 6, 8 and 10A variants. The smaller units are best suited to keeping boat, motorcycle, lawnmower and other smaller batteries optimally charged, while the larger 8 and 10A units are squarely targeted towards the 4WD, camper trailer and caravan market.

The SmartCharge units recognise the type of battery they’re connected to and adjust the charge process to suit the battery’s charge status, size and the ambient temperature.

These things are supremely simple to operate: there’s just one button, on or off, coupled with a user-friendly, backlit display that shows status of charge and battery charge level.

Their IP65 rating allows for use outdoors and in damp conditions, plus all units are shockproof, sparkproof and protected against reverse polarity.

What’s not to love?

Check out the full range of SmartCharge units and accessories at


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