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G’day Adam,

I’m looking to fit a winch and was wondering what brand you think I should go for? Have you any ideas on which ones work the best?

Maurice, Glenelg, SA.


Hey Maurice,

There are plenty of winch brands on the market now and they vary considerably in price. Size will depend on what 4WD you have. With a Hilux you could go a 9,500lb option, but if you have a larger 4WD like a LandCruiser or Patrol I would recommend you go for the 12000lb winch.

With brands, there are really so many to choose from. Runva and Carbon have great reputations. I have also heard great things with the new Ironman winch, which I believe it runs a breather for the motor.

We fit a lot of the Runva winches in our shop and both of these brands are great value for money. There is also Bushranger and VRS that are both great winches and then you still have your trusty Warn brand.

I think it all comes down to how much money you want to spend on a winch but to be honest I would look at running synthetic rope and I would also make sure that you run a winch with an IP rating of at least 67. (Brands such as VRS, Bushranger and some of the Warn winches having an IP rating of 68.) The IP rating relates to water and dust ingress.

I hope that helps but to be honest I don’t think you could make a bad decision with any of these brands. Runva also comes with a wireless remote which other brands do as well but as I haven’t fitted them I can’t confirm which ones.

Hope that helps.



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