There’s a whole bunch of reasons why a dash-mounted bank of REDARC gauges makes a lot of sense.

Whether you’re a mechanical savant with a sixth sense for detecting minute fluctuations in your engine’s turbo boost pressure, or the type of gumby to install your flux capacitor backwards, the ability to keep an eye on your rig’s vital signs from the cockpit certainly can’t hurt.

REDARC’s range of 52mm gauges is designed for installation on your dash so you can take a quick reading of a range of vehicle health functions on the fly.

An ideal setup allows you to monitor battery voltage, current draw, exhaust gas temperature, oil pressure, manifold boost and vacuum pressure, plus take immediate outside, cabin, oil, water, coolant and fridge temperature readings.

The blue backlit gauges are of uniform size and are designed for easy installation, with a suite of complementary mounts, sensors and accessories available to ensure accurate readings, and a slick overall aesthetic.

Single and dual voltage gauges offer quick and accurate intel on your 12V system’s health, with the LCD/LED display enabling monitoring of charging performance for your main and/or auxiliary powercells.

There are five slightly different EGT and boost gauges available that can be tailored to monitor a combination of exhaust gas temperature, boost, vacuum and oil pressure.

There are three specific oil pressure gauge variations that can be set up to monitor oil pressure and temperature plus water temperature, as well as additional single and dual temperature gauges designed to take outside, cabin, water or fridge temp readings.

Most of us take a lot of pride in having our 12V systems set up just right, and over time, some of these systems become increasingly complex. There’s no such thing as having too much information, most especially when it comes to vehicle health, and being able to read your rig’s vitals at a glance can offer a healthy dose of peace of mind.

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