There’s a new breakfast chef in town! And his name’s ‘Wazza’.

Whenever we publish a reader’s breakfast recipe with any claims towards being ‘ultimate’ or even ‘big’ it seems to stir up a bit of commotion with those who claim to have a bigger or, arr, more ultimate, brekkie cookup.

After we published Todd Wilson’s ‘Ultimate French Toast’ recipe earning the 4WD Touring camp cookery desk’s stamp of approval, longtime reader “Wazza” wrote in to let us know that, mate, did  he have news for us.

In Wazza’s world, any pre-noon feed purporting to be ‘ultimate’ better contain a couple of bacon rashers at minimum. He informed us that he wouldn’t be bothering with our French toast recipe, but he kindly supplied us with an alternate recipe that he assured us was much better.

‘It’s big, it’s cheesy and bacon-y and youse’ll bloody love it!’ He guaranteed.

Well, he wasn’t wrong. We gave Waz’s patented cheese, bacon and mushroom big brekkie omelette a try on a quick overnight product-testing trip up the Mid North Coast… Yep, it was pretty damn tasty and we all went back for seconds.



Four rashers of bacon, roughly chopped

Six Eggs, beaten with a little salt and pepper

Knob of butter

Cup of shredded cheese

A handful of cherry tomatoes cut in half

A handful of mushrooms sliced

A handful of fresh spinach, roughly chopped



Add your chopped bacon to a hot skillet or frypan with a little butter and cook for five minutes or until it begins to brown

Add your chopped mushrooms and mix thoroughly for another five minutes while the mushrooms cook through and soften up

Drain any excess liquid from the pan and make sure your bacon and mushy mix is spread evenly across the pan

Pour your beaten eggs evenly across the top then add your chopped cherry tomatoes and spinach and top with shredded cheese

Reduce the heat and cover your pan to cook for another couple of minutes until eggs are cooked through and cheese is melted

Serve hot straight from the pan with a cup of coffee – enjoy!




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