There’s a roof (geddit…) on just how good a roof rack or platform can be. But where is that limit and how do you find it?

4WD Touring’s Matthew Marsh was determined to get to the bottom, or top perhaps, of these eternal paradox when he ordered a Yakima LockNLoad Platform Rack, bolted it to the top of his 150 Series Prado, and set off on a three-month sabbatical of Australia’s Top End.

“It’s a bit bigger than the other similar racks from other manufacturers in that category, and feels a bit sturdier and tougher,” Matthew commented, when asked what swayed his purchasing decision.

“It also included the recovery track holder and a shovel holder, and it’s really simple to swap around the accessory fittings when needed,” he added.

Well, it was a year ago that Matt fitted up his Yakima platform, and a few months since he’s returned from swanning about outback Queensland, up to Alice Springs and Uluru, through the West Macs, across the Gibb River Road and out to the Bungle Bungles, while the rest of the editorial department were hunched in our cubicles.

So, any complaints?

“Not really. It kind of just worked… I was expecting to have to tighten things up or a few wobbles or rattles at least after crossing the Gibb, but no, can’t complain.”

What about once you returned home?

“Well, the fittings did raise the total height of my vehicle, so I couldn’t fit into the underground carpark at my local shops when I first got home. But I just removed all the fittings, took me about five minutes in the driveway, and just the platform itself adds barely any total height.”

Sounds like a winner. And I guess that’s how you define the ultimate roof platform – set and forget. Bolt it on and it just works.

Now, if only everything was so simple.

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