Dundee Beach Holiday Park. Pic: tourismtopend.com.au

Darwinians and Territorians in general are known for occasionally copping the short end of the stick when it comes to reported travel times…

Sure, the NT is full of unreal offroad touring destinations, the only problem is that the bulk of them are much too remote to reach, much less explore properly, in any two-day span.

Well, Dundee Beach, just 140 clicks outta Darwin proper, fits the bill as a legitimate weekend getaway option. Not only is there first rate driving on offer down towards Finnis River, the place sports some of the finest tropical sportfishing and mud crabbing opportunities anywhere. 

Oh, and did we mention the holiday park in town is one of our favourite coastal spots in the Top End to post up for a night or two?

Plus, The Lodge of Dundee is the onsite bar renowned for pouring the frostiest ales this side of Mataranka and for elevating the art of pub grub to lofty new heights.

A day of wheeling, fishing and mud crabbing topped off with sundowner refreshments and a seafood, steak and schnitty menu that’d make a vegan blush? Where do we sign up?


4WDING: The main offroad driving in these parts is from Dundee Beach south to the mouth of the Finnis River. The 28km track is mostly beach and firm sand with the occasional softer muddy section.

FISHING: If you have access to a boat the offshore fishing can be un-reel (sorry…), with big queenfish and giant trevally, Spanish mackerel, tuna and an endless list of reefies to pursue. 

Casting from the shore can produce some mighty hauls of queenies and threadfin salmon – keep an eye out for the snapping handbags, though!


LOCATION: 140km west of Darwin, access is via Fog Bay Rd and Gayundah Rd.

ACCOMODATION: Treat yourself to a stay at the comfy Dundee Beach Holiday Park. They offer basic dongas and comfortable family bungalows at an unbeatable spot. 

FUEL: Available at Dundee Beach and Darwin.

MORE INFO is available at www.tourismtopend.com.au

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