Is there anything worse than flat batteries around camp?

The new COMPAC Series of fast chargers is designed to provide efficient, reliable and convenient power supply for a variety of devices including smart phones, tablets, drones, laptops and GoPros.


The new Projecta COMPAC Series Power Banks are available in two sizes, the super light yet surprisingly high-powered PB5 (101 grams total weight / 18W / 5,000 mAh), and the fast charging PB10 (190 grams total weight / 18W / 10,000 mAh).

Both these power banks boast the same 21700 lithium-ion cell technology used by Tesla, allowing them to output 18 Watts of fast charge power to provide up to 50 minutes (PB5) or 100 minutes (PB10) of additional run time on a MacBook or equivalent-sized laptop.

These things come into their own when it comes to blasting flat phone batteries back to life – they’ll zap your iPhone battery from flat to 80% charged in just half an hour!

Depending on the type and condition of the batteries you’re charging, these power banks can be used multiple times before needing to be recharged themselves.

The PB5 can recharge a phone twice, or a drone up to eight times (depending on its specs).

The PB10 effectively doubles this performance offering up to four charges of a smart phone and up to 16 charges of a drone.

The power banks themselves can be recharged to 100 per cent in approximately 1.9 hours (PB5) and 3.8 hours (PB10).

For added peace of mind, the power banks also feature over charge, short circuit, over discharge and over current protection.

PB5 RRP $69

PB10 RRP $99


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