Prepare for your next adventure with the new comprehensive guide from Hema Maps.

With lockdown restrictions beginning to ease ever so slightly from today, 4WDers around the country are busy putting the pieces in place to pull off their post-lockdown road trips and offroad getaways.

The timing couldn’t be better for Emprise Group (owner of Hema Maps), who just this past week announced the release of their new Where To Camp Guide (1st edition) with a retail price of $64.95.

The new book is 478 pages and has over 180 pages of maps. Designed to provide travellers everything they need to plan their own epic adventures, Where to Camp includes the latest Hema regional maps plus over 40,000 verified POIs sourced and field checked by the Hema Map Patrol team.

“There was a spot in the market for a comprehensive and easy to use guide to the best camping spots all over Australia,” commented Emprise Group boss Matt O’Meara.

“(The guide) is complemented by Hema’s industry leading maps and fully verified points of interest.”

Pierre Kurth, the team’s top cartographer, added, “The Hema Map Patrol team collects the POIs with a 3rd party software enabled with a GPS receiver with sub-meter accuracy.

“Each POI collected is complemented with a range of attribution and photos which gives our users that rich and insightful content they can browse and use to plan their next adventure”

The Where to Camp Guide release was originally planned to inspire and keep travellers on their toes through the winter touring season, although as Emprise Group’s CEO and bossman Rob Gallagher notes, “as circumstances have it, our Where to Camp guide becomes the perfect tool to have at home to help plan the next adventure once it is safe to do so.”

Hema’s Where to Camp Guide features:

  • Over 5,500 indexed sites, split into 75 regions
  • Site information and facilities
  • 180 pages of maps showing site locations
  • More than 1,000 free and budget sites
  • Free dump points
  • Intuitive, easy to use design
  • Camping and travel tips

RRP $64.95

MORE INFO www.hemamaps.com


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