DAYDREAMS – Steep Point, WA

Steep Point is the most westerly point on continental Australia and stands sentinel on the westerly arm of Shark Bay. It’s a spot that should be on the bucket list for sandgropers and interstate blow-ins alike.

The point is a fair old hike up the coast from Perth, but it’s one of those trips that is so, so worth it.

The efforts required to blast 880 odd clicks up the Western Seaboard will evaporate from your memory as your tyres chew up the final sandy miles and the hallowed rusty orange cliffs, salt spray plumes and milky turquoise waters of Shark Bay come into focus.

There’s camping available near Steep Point itself, as well as access to Dirk Hartog Island’s many wonders, via a 15-minute ride on a single vehicle barge.

It truly feels like the edge of the world out here. Far away from any and all modern conveniences, this stretch of coastline is the preserve of dedicated (crazy?) 4WDers and fishos.

If remote camping, unbelievable landscapes and insane fishing all populate your dreams at night, you’ll fit right in up here.


4WDING: Access to Steep Point is via 40km of soft sand from Useless Loop Rd. Drop your tyres pressures down to around 20Psi to avoid getting hung up and to reduce damage to the track.

If you make it out to Dirk Hartog via the barge, there a further network of corrugated, rocky tracks and sandy beach runs to explore.

FISHING: The most popular reason for visiting this stretch of coastline, the fishing can be unbelievable. Spanish, school and shark mackerel are taken by lure fishos, as well as those drifting out large baits under balloons from the cliff tops. Other pelagic gamefish species including longtail tuna, cobia and sailfish are targeted by shore-based anglers.

Various species of trevally, emperor, coral trout and other reef-dwelling demersal species are regularly caught on baits and soft plastic lures.


LOCATION: 900km north of Perth, access is via National Route 1.

CAMPING: Is available at False Entrance and Shelter Bay campgrounds. Visitors need to be fully self-sufficient and carry in all supplies, water and their own fire pits.

FUEL, water and other supplies are available in Denham.

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