Googs Track, SA

You might want to put this one on ice for a couple of months until the mercury drops a few notches. However if you’re jonesing for a legit South Oz outback odyssey, then a crossing of the famed Googs Track sounds like just the ticket.

The route runs from Ceduna all the way up to Glendambo and traverses something like 300 sand dunes. It’s a real-deal remote outback adventure and the terrain is best suited to high clearance 4WDs.

When visiting this sort of remote country it’s always wise to travel in convoy with at least one other vehicle for safety.

While the track itself takes between two and three days for most 4WDers to knock over, you’re looking at a minimum of a full day of travel time out of Adelaide at the beginning and end of your journey. You’ll want to square away a full week to do this trip justice.


4WDING: The track itself is just over 200km in length, although most visitors tack on a few extra days to sightsee the surrounding country.

Visitors are advised to tackle the track from south to north of from Ceduna to Malbooma as the endless dunes are only safely tackled from this angle.

GOOGS LAKES are a series of salt lakes that are located off Googs Track. The broad saltpans form as water evaporates quickly evaporates in the southern outback heat.


LOCATION: The start point of the track is at Ceduna, 775km northwest of Adelaide and around eight hours drive from the capital. The finishing point at Glandambo is around 600km from Adelaide, so visitors need to factor these considerable distances into their travel plans.

CAMPING is available at Ceduna Foreshore Caravan Park, Googs Lake Camping Area, Mt Finke and Kingoonya.

FUEL is available at Ceduna, Glandambo and Kingoonya. Visitors need to be aware that no fuel or water is available for over 300km between Ceduna and Glandambo and must be entirely self-sufficient.

MORE INFO is available at or by phoning the Ceduna Visitor Information centre on (08) 8625 3343.

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