DAYDREAMS – Dunns Swamp, NSW


While the naming committee ain’t winning any prizes from NSW Tourism Board marketing execs, perhaps they’re smarter than they let on and were simply trying to throw the hordes of potential visitors off the scent of this stunner of a spot.

Dunns Swamp sits 270km northwest of Sydney, on the western fringe of the Wollemi National Park and is around four hours drive from Sydney CBD, depending on holiday traffic, the state of the M1’s never-ending road work projects, et cetera.

There’s plenty to do all year round at Dunns swamp, with quality facilities provided, 80-odd campsites to choose from, a couple of legit 4WD tracks to traverse and paddle-powered adventures on tap in the unsullied headwaters of the Cudgegong River.

Close enough for an overnight jaunt if you’re super keen; Dunns Swamp is ideally positioned for a long weekend mission out of Sydney.


4WDING is possible in the Dunns Swamp area, although the unsealed road leading into the Gunguddy Camping area is 2WD accessible. There are some interesting tracks to poke around within the nearby Coricudgy State Forest.

CANOEING, SWIMMING & FISHING are all possible within the headwaters of the Cudgegong River, which has been dammed by the Kandos Weir to create a beautiful calm waterway.

BUSHWALKING is the number one way to get the lay of the land while burning off a few extra happy hour calories. Start off at the track that follows the weir and be rewarded with a ripper view of the pagoda rock formations below.


LOCATION: 270 clicks northwest of Sydney and 30km east of Ryleston. Access is via the Great Western Highway and the Bells Line of Road.

CAMPING is available at the Ganguddy Camping Area. 80 campsites are available for a fee of $5 per adult and $3 per child per night. Basic facilities including picnic tables, barbeques and composting toilets are provided.

FUEL is available at Ryleston, Mudgee and Lithgow.

MORE INFO is available at

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