Editorial Guidelines

What is 4WD Touring Australia?

A monthly magazine that captures the essence of remote travel in Australia and brings into reality a world that is unknown to many people, showcasing the beauty of the natural world and the amazing individuals that call the outback home.

Essentially, 4WD Touring Australia is about escape. It is an accessible, experience-oriented publication. We inspire families to travel, and we give adventurers experiences they can aspire to achieve. We’re just as interested in people as in places. More often than not we want to see people in their environment.

Where is the Outback?

While we focus on some regional escapes, particularly weekend trips that people can take beyond the big smoke, our core editorial takes our readers beyond their state borders into the big sky country, wherever that may be.

Who are we, and who is our target?

4WD Touring Australia is an independent magazine published by Escapism Pty Ltd.

Escapism Pty Ltd is privately owned by the Rogers family. 4WD Touring Australia has featured the work of Carlisle Rogers and a small editorial group for eight years.

Carlisle has been travelling the outback, capturing it in words and images, for almost two decades, first as a freelance journalist, then as a publisher.

Our subjects and our audience overlap considerably. They are young and old, city-based and regional. They share three key characteristics: they are affluent, adventurous travellers.

What makes 4WD Touring Australia special?

4WD Touring Australia is not just pretty pictures and details on campgrounds. Unlike most magazines, we are on a search, ourselves, for meaning. Meaning in travel, meaning in the desert, meaning at the edge of the sea. We dig deeper, to see what lies beneath itinerancy.

We seek to be recognised as a magazine that appeals to any seeker, not just travellers, not just 4WDers, but anyone who feels there is more to life out there beyond the horizon.

What type of material do we want?

We want stories on awesome people living their dream on the land, stories about amazing places that are barely on the map, and uplifting stories about Aussie businesses doing great things, from manufacturing to tourism.

What we don’t want

We don’t have a political position, either way, but we do want features and articles that can enlighten our audience about politics and policies that can affect their way of life.

Writing style/copy format

Present tense; very limited use of first person; casual, relaxed, conversational; magazine not newspaper style.

Good copy is important, but great photos are non-negotiable.

We prefer digital delivery for all files, copy and images.


We do not accept words and photos sent on spec. Items that have not been previously discussed have virtually no chance of being used. In the first instance email an outline of 50-100 words about the piece, including photo thumbnails.

We will not publish material in the same style and format as has appeared in other publications, and never within 6 months of appearance elsewhere.


We pay at the rate of approx. $150/page for words and photos.

Payment is made for acceptable editorial material when the publication has been completed and sent to the printer. If an item is assigned and the material submitted is considered unsuitable, it is the responsibility of the contributor to make amendments as required before it can be published and payment made.


4WD Touring Australia retains the copyright of all text published in the magazine and associated titles. Copyright of photographs remains with the photographer, unless otherwise agreed. However, 4WD Touring Australia reserves the right to use published photos to promote the magazine – on websites, on posters and other point-of-sale material, in advertisements and any context that enhances circulation.


Never enter into a contra arrangement for the supply of a vehicle, airline ticket etc without our knowledge and approval.


Jimmy O’Keefe

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