Introducing the James Baroud Odyssey

For over 25 years, James Baroud has been the global benchmark for rooftop tent durability, reliability and design.

That dedication to quality and refinement has resulted in a new standard of excellence for touring rooftop tents, the Odyssey.

With upgraded canvas, a full structural redesign incorporating space-age materials and an all-new streamlined shape, the Odyssey redefines the zenith of touring tents.

The new canvas walls are now three-layered, aluminised fabric with double-stitched seams, designed to resist UV, water and heat for longer. The new design provides even better protection from the elements, with field-tested water drainage and wind resistance up to 120km/h.

The view from the tent is 360 degrees, with the strongest mosquito netting available in the world. And when you close up the tent at night, apart from the best acoustic and thermal insulation on the market, the Odyssey provides 100% blackout for privacy and a better night’s rest.

From a brand new latch design to the new streamlined cargo racks and solar-powered ventilation system, everything about the Odyssey is designed to set the new benchmark for the next generation of rooftop tents.

Find out more at James Baroud Australia

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