Wooshka winner announced!

Ben Buckland from Cremorne, Tas is the winner of a brand new Wooshka woodfire stove!

Ben reckons he’s ‘a bit dangerous’ with fires, and the Wooshka will be the ultimate way to keep his enthusiasm within the bounds of safety for him and his family out bush.

“Mate, I’m stoked!” he said when we rang him to let him know he had won. “We take the caravan all over Tassie and there are more and more places you can’t have an open fire. It has to be enclosed in most caravan parks and beaches these days.

“After a day out on the water, it will be great to have a way to warm up around a fire again.”

Learn more here: www.wooshka.net.au

If you missed out, stay tuned, we’re looking to give away an even bigger package from the guys at Wooshka soon!

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