The same Australian engineers that brought you the RacksBrax HD and XD Hitches have just released the XD Multi-Awn Adaptor.

It is engineered to extend the number of roof rack mounted 180°, 270° and 360° wing-style awnings that can be attached to the RacksBrax XD Hitch.

The XD Multi-Awn Adaptor accommodates awnings with spine spacings that fall outside the usual 100-120mm centres that the XD Hitch would usually otherwise suit.

Available in double or triple packs to suit your awning setup and weight.

Brands that can benefit from using this adaptor include: Bushwakka, 30 Second and Ostrich awnings. The adaptors can be mounted in two configurations to provide the best fit and location for your awning.

Visit www.racksbrax.com for more info or to order your set now.

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