Uniden has just announced its new XTRAK Pro Series. Including in-vehicle and handheld UHF radios, the XTRAK Pro features brand new, app-enabled units for the next generation of outback travelers.

For the first time, adventurers can share their exact location via the XTRAK bluetooth app between in-vehicle units or handheld radios.

Want to ‘drop a pin’ for your mates to meet you at your ultra-secret camping spot? Want to send the kids out for firewood without fear of them disappearing into the desert night? Now you can.


XTRAK 80 Pro

Featuring an all-new high contrast anti-glare OLED display and backlit keypad, the new flagship in-vehicle UHF from Uniden has an integrated 2W speaker, or you can link it via bluetooth to your car’s built-in speakers.



XTRAK 50 Pro

Offering both a handheld and in-vehicle UHF with location sharing is a first in the market. Whether in the car with the XTRAK 80 Pro, or on foot with XTRAK 50 Pro, contact is always possible between the vehicle and handheld units, utilising the advanced positional tracking and location sharing feature for accuracy through the Uniden XTRAK app.

The XTRAK 50 Pro is just as durable as every Uniden handheld, and fully waterproof.

Both radios feature Uniden’s one-touch instant replay, which gives you the ability to listen to recent communications received up to six minutes prior.

The new XTRAK app doesn’t just share location data. It also gives access to settings controls on the radio, allowing the management of Selcall contacts and extra receive channels, as well as sending in-App text messages.

Available in stores from late September 2021.

Smart UHF Radio with Large OLED Display, Location Sharing Through App and Instant Replay
$549.95 RRP

5-Watt Waterproof Smart UHF Handheld Radio with Large OLED Display, Location Sharing Through App and Instant Replay Function
$449.95 RRP

For more information visit www.uniden.com.au

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