Keep your ZERO Fridge Freezer well insulated and protected with the slick new Transit Bag.

ARB’s ZERO Fridge Freezers offer punters the perfect way to reliably keep the tins frosty and the snags fresh with the convenience of wireless monitoring via your phone.

Single zone units are available in 36L, 44L & 60L sizes while dual zone models are offered in larger 69L and 96L sizes.

The 36L ZERO is an extremely compact option that fits anywhere in your 4WD, is easily portable and is equipped with all the mod-cons, including Bluetooth-enabled control and a boost function for rapid cool down.

The new Transit Bag is the perfect add-on for your 36L ZERO, keeping it well insulated and protected against all the bumps and scrapes that come with life on the road.

It’s got magnetic inserts that automatically engage and disengage and can easily be swapped over without removing the whole cover when changing the lid orientation.

It has an unobstructed display panel, cord retention slots as well as pockets for storing the Portable Power Pack, plus a built-in bottle opener in the front pocket.


The ZERO 36L Transit Bag is $169 (Australian East Coast metro)

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